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The Products You Demand For The Success You Deserve

At Saladino’s Foodservice, we believe in providing the full range of products and brands that satisfy your need for quality, flavor, profitability and, just as important, consistency as you seek to develop new recipes and build customer demand.

Our passion for an exceptional food experience drives us to forge long-term relationships with local suppliers providing exceptional quality products, to extend our product offerings and to expand our growing roster of national suppliers – always with a focus on quality, food safety and, ultimately, your success.      

  • Beverage

    Saladino’s is your single source for all the beverage essentials you require, from a growing variety of natural juices to fountain syrup BIBs, from sparkling water to spectacular coffees and teas. No one works harder to provide more brands and portion sizes to meet most every need.  

  • Cheese

    With our Old-World Italian heritage, it should come as no surprise that Saladino’s has your cheese needs covered. We offer a full variety of California-produced, domestic and imported cheese any way you want it: in wheels, blocks, wedges, shreds or grated. From commonplace varieties like Monterey Jack, Cheddar and Mozzarella, to specialty signature cheese selections from around the globe, the cheese you need is in stock and available at Saladino’s.

  • Dairy

    Saladino’s has sourced the highest-quality liquid and cultured dairy products and premium butter varieties from some of California’s most acclaimed producers. All from trusted local herds and dairies, and all certified BST-free.

  • Fresh Produce

    Traceability is an essential food safety practice when sourcing fresh produce in today’s market. At Saladino’s, we seek locally-farmed quality produce in season, and comb the entire Western Hemisphere for the best available quality in the off-season. We’ve worked hard to develop direct relationships with our growers and processors, and with our logistics team managing inbound deliveries on virtually all fresh produce, we can ensure that Saladino’s offers only the freshest available.

  • Grocery

    Saladino’s stocks a wide offering of dry, refrigerated and frozen products, from common staple items to the most unique specialty goods. And to make sure that we – and our customers – are fully prepared for emerging trends and flavors, our marketing and procurement teams are in constant communication with the world’s leading marketers of foodservice products. If it supports your culinary creativity, you can count on Saladino’s to provide it.

  • Meat

    From the finest Old-World style charcuterie to perennial best-sellers like fresh bacon, charbroiled chicken strips and cured hams and turkey breasts, Saladino’s offers the quality levels you need to support your desired food costs, while ensuring customer satisfaction is in the center of each and every plate you serve.

  • Meat Commodity

    Offering primal and portion controlled proteins from boutique and larger-volume producers, Saladino’s Center of Plate team manages a full array of products to accommodate seasonal availability and the needs of specific restaurateurs. Inventory is purchased and held to achieve proper aging, ensuring the most tender and flavorful cuts for your customers.

  • Seafood

    Consumers continue to demand healthy menu options, and shellfish continues to be one of their leading choices. Saladino’s makes it deliciously simple to exceed your customers’ expectations with top-quality shrimp, squid, lobster and an ocean of other seafood options.

  • Disposable

    Whether you’re looking to raise the perceived value of your fresh creations among to-go customers, or simply looking for a smart, cost-effective vehicle for leftovers, we have the variety to help you achieve your goal. Whether your solution is black-bottom/clear-top, microwavable, oven-safe or eco-friendly, Saladino’s is your source.  

  • Office Supplies

    Why make a special trip to the office supply store when you can call Saladino’s for your office needs? We’ll keep you stocked up on copy paper, pens, printer cartridges, staples, paperclips and more – practically anything you need to take care of business!  

  • Janitorial/Linen

    Keep your kitchen running cleanly and efficiently with our full selection of products and services. From mops, brooms, scrub pads and can liners to our complete range of cleaning supplies… from our fresh linen exchange program to our Purificante Cleaning and Sanitization Solutions… Saladino’s is the only name you need to know.

  • Safety/First Aid

    Maintaining your safety and first aid supplies doesn’t have to be a pain. At Saladino’s, we provide bandages, finger cots, eye wash, antibiotic ointment, burn gel and more. Get started by ordering a complete kit and refill as you need. Painless!  

  • Smallwares

    Outfit your smallest tabletop to your largest kitchen with Saladino’s diverse selection of pots, pans, floor mats, glassware, plates, flatware and more.