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Our Distribution Area

Saladino’s Foodservice delivers more than foodservice products – we deliver solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

Strategically located to serve our customers’ foodservice distribution needs, we pride ourselves in providing foodservice solutions to restaurants throughout California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.


Our commitment to service is evident in our dedication to providing quality and food safety assurances at each of our three distribution centers throughout California and on the road with order fill rate averages at 99.97% - well above industry standards.


As the largest independently owned foodservice distributor in California and the 17th largest in the United States, we pride ourselves on listening to our customer’s business goals and sourcing the products and brands that drive their success from the smallest independent operator to the largest retail chain.

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Distribution Centers




West Sacramento

Resident Driver Terminals
Bakersfield   |   Benicia   |   Escondido   |   Gilroy

Modesto   |   Norwalk   |   Redding   |   Reno

Simi Valley   |   San Luis Obispo

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