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Whether you’re looking to raise the perceived value of your fresh creations among to-go customers, or simply looking for a smart, cost-effective vehicle for leftovers, we have the variety to help you achieve your goal. Whether your solution is black-bottom/clear-top, microwavable, oven-safe or eco-friendly, Saladino’s is your source.

Boxes 12" Saladino's Stock K/K 1-5/8"

Dry Wax Sheet 14X14

Dry Wax Sheet 18X18

Bag Food 13"X37" Fda Clear 1 Mil 11705

Bag Dough 27"X40" Fda Clear 2Mil

Dry Wax Sheet 12X12

Bag Food 20"X24" Fda Clear 1Mil

Boxes 16" Saladino's Stock K/K 1-5/8"

Boxes 14" Saladino's Stock K/K 1-5/8"

Bag Dough Food 24X31.5" Fda Clear 2Mil

Bag Food 18"X24" Fda Clear 1Mil

Dry Wax Sheet 16X16

Boxes 18" Saladino's Stock K/K 1-5/8"

Bag Food 6.5"X4.5"X15" Fda Clear 1.1M

Boxes 10" Saladino's Stock K/K 1-5/8"

Our Product Catalog is currently being updated. Check back soon to see our latest offerings.

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