Consumers continue to demand healthy menu options, and shellfish continues to be one of their leading choices. Saladino’s makes it deliciously simple to exceed your customers’ expectations with top-quality shrimp, squid, lobster and an ocean of other seafood options.

Anchovie Fillets Olive Oil

Lobster Tails Canadian 4Oz 524

Tuna Lt Meat Premium Non Soy

Shrimp Popcorn Buttermilk

Calamari Strips Giant Breaded

Anchovie Fillets Olive Oil 600

Lobster Sensations Meat

Clams Sea Chopped

Mussels In Shell Vacpack 23/29

Pollock Fillet 2-3Oz Battered

Anchovie Fillets Olive Oil 600

Calamari Breaded Salt & Pepper

Clam Juice Sea 0231

Cod Fillets Tavern Bat 2-3Oz 0

Salmon Frz Fillet Sknls Atl 6

Our Product Catalog is currently being updated. Check back soon to see our latest offerings.