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Our Social and Environmental Accountability Policy articulates our vision and commitment to be socially and environmentally accountable. Saladino’s understands that our every decision, every action, has an impact on the world around us. We strive to conduct business in a socially responsible and respectful manner. We are committed to understanding the outcomes created by our business, and we wholeheartedly pledge to minimize any potential negative impact to individuals, families, and communities.

To minimize our carbon footprint, we recycle as much waste material as possible. From pallets to plastic, the materials are taken by our recycling partners & prepared for their renewed purpose.

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We use energy efficient bulbs & motion sensors to keep energy usage low.

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We promote a paperless environment & recycle equipment we no longer use.

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We optimize the fuel we consume by minimizing total miles with ongoing route design. Starting in 2024, we pledge to convert our fleet to electric wherever possible.

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We utilize electric material handling equipment in all DC’s.

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We avoid any unnecessary travel by using video & audio conferencing, IM, phone & email.

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We purchase products with a low environmental impact whenever possible.

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We deal with suppliers fairly & ethically in accordance with our purchasing practice & policy.

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