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Meat Commodity

Meat Commodity

Offering primal and portion controlled proteins from boutique and larger-volume producers, Saladino’s Center of Plate team manages a full array of products to accommodate seasonal availability and the needs of specific restaurateurs. Inventory is purchased and held to achieve proper aging, ensuring the most tender and flavorful cuts for your customers.

Lamb Frz Aussie Lamb Top Rounds

Chicken Frz Wings Split Party 6-9 Ct Cvp

Chicken Frs Leg Quarters Cvp

Beef Frs Ribeye B/I Expt Dn 46089

Beef Frs Tri Tip Sir Bnls Butt Ch 4.5Lb

Beef Frs Tenderloin Bnls Peeled 5/Up Ch

Calamari Steaks Raw Iqf 4-6 Oz Iqf

Beef Frs Tri Tip Sir Bnls Butt Aaa 4.5Lb

Beef Frz Striploin Bnls Prime 0X1 S/T

Beef Frs Striploin Ch 0X1 S/T Bnls

Beef Frz Tenderloin Bnls Prime S/T 46302

Chicken Frz Leg Quarters Cvp

Beef Frz Tenderloin Bnls Peeled 5/Up Ch

Chicken Frz Breast Fillet B/S 6Oz 390260

Chicken Frz Breast Fillet Single 8 Oz Ma

Our Product Catalog is currently being updated. Check back soon to see our latest offerings.

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