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Saladino's Cleaning and Sanitizing Solutions

On the road servicing your needs, Saladino’s “Purificante” mobile Service Technicians perform routine maintenance and 24/7 emergency service to aid your business in reflecting the image of a clean and professional restaurant.

From the front door and through the kitchen, Team Purificante is partnered with the right tools and a wide variety of solids, powders and liquid product solutions to tackle every foodservice sanitization task. Control is key to realizing desired results and operating within budget, and that is why we suggest the use of dilution managed dispenser systems. From three compartment sinks, multi-product cleaning centers, drain cleaning enzyme management, dish machines and even laundries, we are prepared to help.


We look forward to future conversations on how we can best partner with you and your team in the quest for a clean and safe environment!

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