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Proposition 12

To All of Our Valued Customer Partners,


At Saladino’s we deliver the products and services you need, so you can focus on running a successful business. A key component of our commitment to social and environmental accountability is to source products fairly and ethically; it is our responsibility to ensure everything we deliver is done so within the regulations set forth by all governing agencies.


Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling upholding Proposition 12 regarding all pork products sold in the State of California. The enforcement date for the new regulations is July 1, 2023.


You may be wondering, “what products are affected and how is Saladino’s proactively adapting to this legislation?”


Proposition 12 restrictions apply to sales of “whole pork meat” to end users in California (e.g., grocery stores, foodservice). The proposed regulations define whole pork meat as any uncooked cut of pork — including bacon, ham, chops, loin, ribs, etc. 


Under the proposed regulations, ground products (e.g., sausage), ready-to-eat products, hot dogs, and combination products (pizzas, for example) are not covered by Proposition 12. Moreover, Proposition 12’s restrictions do not apply to whole pork meat that enters and leaves the state without additional processing or repackaging, as is the case with exports. Nor does it apply to sales to USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)-inspected establishments with mandatory inspection.


Any distributor that wishes to sell whole pork meat in or into California will be required to register with CDFA. Registered distributors will need to demonstrate that they can maintain an “audit trail” tracing the pork products back to a Proposition 12-compliant farm. All Saladino’s distribution facilities have been certified. You can view our certifications and documentation here


If you have any questions, just reach out to your Saladino’s Representative and we will be happy to help.


Thank you for being a valued member of the Saladino’s Family,



Craig Saladino

President & CEO

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