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Joy of the Valley Product

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A Family Of Products Under Our Brands

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Zia Maria Cucina

A family legacy of freshness and flavor lives on in Saladino’s line of quality Italian products.

Our Zia Maria Cucina products honor the memory of our grandmother, Mary Iacobellis (or “Aunt Mary” as she was affectionately known by her extended family and friends). An outstanding cook, Aunt Mary donned her famous apron daily and set about preparing authentic Italian dishes destined to become family favorites, all lovingly made with fresh ingredients she harvested from the family farm and garden.


No matter your connection to Aunt Mary, you were welcomed into her kitchen and treated like family as she cooked and shared stories with her infectious smile – a spirit of hospitality that lives on today in our quality Zia Maria Cucina Italian products.

Vinegars   |   Olive Oils  |   Salami   |   Sausages   |   Meatballs  |   Pepperonis   |   Parmesan and Romano Cheeses   |  Mozzarella   |   Provolone   |   Pizza Crust Mix

Joy of the Valley

JoV Final 20230248.png

The world’s most authentic flavors, brought to you by Saladino’s line of quality imported products from around the globe.

The imported products we select for our signature Joy of the Valley brand are inspired by the fresh, authentic flavors of Italy's Puglia region. This is where the family of Anna Saladino, wife of our founder, Don Saladino, called home for generations. It is also where our president, Craig Saladino, fell in love with his Italian heritage, the culture, traditions - and the food.


Today, the authentic ingredients, exceptional quality, and regional tastes that have long been a part of our family's history are deliciously expressed in Saladino's Joy of the Valley imported products.

Anchovies   |   Artichokes   |   Mushrooms   |   Peppers   |  Pineapple   |   Baby Corn   |   Olive Oil   |   Balsamic Vinegar

Lloyd’s Market

Lloyd's Market Logo

Saladino’s line of superior quality meats seasoned to perfection.

It was 1944, in Fresno, California, when Lloyd and Gertrude Saladino, along with their sons Don and Gene, opened a beloved neighborhood grocery store. A skilled butcher, Don soon began making his own quality sausage using traditional recipes passed down from generations.


As word of Saladino’s Sausage spread, Lloyd's Market saw a steady stream of customers eager to experience Don’s superior quality products seasoned with only the freshest ingredients and delivered with exceptional customer service. Today, the unparalleled quality and authenticity that put Lloyd’s Market on the map is conveyed in the product line that proudly bears its name.

Canadian Bacon   |   Pork Roll   |   Ham  |   Roast Beef   |  Pastrami   |   Cooked Bacon Topping   |   Chicken Wings   |  Chicken   |   Breads   |   Cooked Eggs   |   Mayonnaise   |  Salad Dressing

Westside Preferred

Westside Logo 20230427.png

Saladino’s quality canned fruits and vegetables.

The Westside Preferred label pays homage to the rich agricultural region surrounding Fresno, California - the place our founder, Don Saladino, called home.  Internationally known as the "Breadbasket of the World," the San Joaquin Valley's large bounty of agricultural products supply more than one-third of the nation's fresh and produced foods.  Many of these delicious, high-quality fruits and vegetables are canned and packaged under our Westside Preferred label. 

We know you will love our signature Saladino's family brands, and we look forward to connecting family and friends with food. 

Pizza sauce   |   Kidney and Garbanzo Beans   |   Peaches   |  Olives   |   Tomato Products   |   Fresh Mushrooms


Purificante 20230202 w Shadow.png

Saladino’s line of cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

Purificante in Italian means “clean and pure.” We think it's a fitting name for the Saladino's line of superior cleaning, sanitizing, and janitorial solutions. These products were designed with the unique demands of restaurant kitchens in mind.  The integration of Saladino's Purificante products add further efficiencies to purchasing and product delivery, while optimizing results and bottom-line savings - helping our customers ensure their business is running as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

Cleaning Supplies   |   Chemicals   |   Straws   |   Disposable Cutlery   |   Food and Dough Bags   |   Food Preparation Gloves   |   Paper Napkins, Towels and Toilet Tissue    |  Trash Bags and Can Liners   |   Pizza Box Inserts   |   Pizza Box Lid Supports   |   Sandwich Wrap   |    Deli Wrap Sheets  |   Baking Parchment Paper   |   Pizza Boxes

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