Charitable Giving

Saladino’s proudly supports a wide variety of worthwhile charities and industry programs throughout California and the nation. We are honored to give back to the communities that have given us so much by providing food to vital community partners representing the health and welfare of the underserved. Please join us in helping those in need by improving their quality of life today and tomorrow.

  • Saladino Family Foundation

    To continue the Saladino legacy of community service through planned annual giving dedicated to organizations in support of healthcare, education, ways to improve the community, the underserved, children and animal preservation.

  • Front Line Appreciation Group Logo

    Front Line Appreciation Group

    FLAG (Front Line Appreciation Group) Central Valley was created by a local Registered Nurse who wanted to make sure fellow healthcare workers felt supported during the current pandemic, all while supporting our locally owned restaurants. The group follows in the footsteps of a movement that is happening across the country to support local restaurants while demonstrating appreciation for local front line healthcare workers.

  • Poverello House Logo

    Poverello House

    Believing in the dignity of every person, at Poverello House we work to enrich the lives and spirits of all who pass our way by stewarding the resources made available to us through Providential and community support.

  • Sacramento Food Bank Logo

    Sacramento Food Bank

    As the largest nonprofit provider of basic human needs in Sacramento County, we take our mission one-step further by offering educational opportunities and family support services that allow people who seek support to shape their best tomorrow. We are a place for hope and prosperity, a place where women and men, children and elders, are offered the tools they may need—food, clothes, education, technology, or just plain kindess—as they move toward a path of financial independence and self-sufficiency.

  • Salvation Army Logo

    Salvation Army

    By supplying free fresh produce, canned goods, and healthy frozen items, our food pantries provide valuable meal supplementation while helping those in need maintain their independence and dignity. These food pantries are especially crucial in “food deserts,” where entire communities experience food insecurity due to lack of grocery store access.