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Committed To A Cleaner Environment

At Saladino’s Foodservice, our passion for food gives us a greater sense of responsibility toward the ecosystems that provide it. We know that every decision we make can have a far-reaching impact on the environment, the social well-being and the economic security of millions around the globe. That’s why we work diligently to reduce our environmental impact in several key ways, including the enforcement of water usage restrictions in response to California’s current drought.

Conserving Energy and Natural Resources

To maximize the efficiency of the energy and natural resources necessary for our operation, Saladino’s has made several modifications to our distribution centers and transportation methods. We equipped our three distribution centers with high-efficiency lighting activated by motion sensors, skylights that reduce lighting requirements during daytime operations and the highest value insulation in cooler and freezer areas that reduce energy consumption overall. On the road, our logistics team is constantly reviewing our transportation system to ensure that the most efficient routes are utilized to reduce mileage and emissions.

Minimizing Waste

When food products fall below our high quality standards, but are still usable, we make them available to our network of caring partners that work to feed the underserved. Serving our community in this special way has always been at the heart of the Saladino family and our team of associates. Foods that are not able to be donated are placed into green waste. Additionally, as Riverside, Sacramento and Fresno Counties plan to operate compost facilities to allow for green disposal in the near future, it will be possible for Saladino’s to be 100% landfill-free.  

Recycling Materials

At Saladino’s, good stewardship is a family value that has endured and expanded throughout our team of associates. That’s why we aim to recycle everything possible and minimize our carbon footprint. All cardboard, plastic and paper waste from our distribution centers and offices is harvested by our recycling partners in preparation for their next life. We recycle everything from plastic wrap to cardboard, wooden pallets to ink cartridges and more. Through these sustainable best practices we are not only training our associates on reducing consumption of natural resources and recycling properly at work, but also at home. 

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