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GDSN & Data Pool Providers

Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)

Cloud Data

The GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network® (GDSN®) is a network of interoperable data pools enabling collaborating users to securely synchronize master data based on GS1 standards. GDSN supports accurate, real-time data sharing and trade item updates among subscribed trading partners.

How the GDSN Works

GS1 Data Map

GDSN Case Studies

Dinner with Friends

See how Saladino’s Foodservice, Subway/IPC and UniPro Foodservice are leveraging the GDSN.

Saladino's Logo
Saladino's Case Study
Subway Logo
Subway Case Study
Unipro Logo
Unipro Case Study

Choosing a GDSN Data Pool Provider

Cloud Data Sync

For simplicity, let’s make the following comparisons:

GLN (Global Location Number) = Cell Phone Number

A GLN (Global Location Number) is required to publish/receive data via the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network). In a similar fashion, a cell phone number is required to dial/receive calls via the cellular network.

Data Pool Provider = Cell Phone Service Provider

A Data Pool Provider enables companies to publish/receive product data to/from the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network). In a similar fashion, Cell Phone Service Providers (Verizon, AT&T,T-Mobile, etc.) enable cell phones to make/ receive calls to/from other cell phones.

GDSN Data Flow
GS1 Icons

Data Pool Providers:

Saladino’s Foodservice is currently using Attribytes as their Data Pool Provider. Every company is different, that’s why you should choose the data pool provider that best fits your company’s needs.

Here are the 3 most known Data Pool Providers for the Foodservice Industry:

Attribytes Company Logo
1WorldSync Company Logo
Syndigo Company Logo
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