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Wayne Farms

Wayne Farms

The product development technicians, food scientists and culinary experts at Wayne Farms are focused on continually testing and refining new ideas to develop new and better products to support your needs. They are focused on breaking parity through innovation using value-added processing to give you an edge in your industry. Marketed under the Wayne Farms, Dutch Quality House, and Platinum Harvest brands, their efforts are driven by an intense desire to produce the highest quality and safest products possible.

Chicken Frz Breast Jumbo W/Rib Meat B/S

Chicken Frs Breast Tenderloin

Chicken Frs Wings Split Party 6-9 Ct Cvp

Chicken Frz Wings Split Cooked

Chicken Frz Wings Split Party 6-9 Ct Cvp

Chicken Frs Bnls/Sknls Thighs Jumbo

Chicken Frs Drumsticks

Chicken Frz Legs Whole

Chicken Breast Fillet Ital Fc Breaded

Chicken Frs Breast Jumbo W/Rib Meat B/S

Chicken Frz Breast Fillet Single 8 Oz Ma

Chicken Frz Breast Tenderloin

Our Product Catalog is currently being updated. Check back soon to see our latest offerings.

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