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Intercon Chemical

Intercon Chemical

Intercon serves distributors and their customers in the cleaning, sanitary maintenance, industrial, foodservice, laundry, warewashing, medical and healthcare, food plant, bottling, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. They manufacture a complete line of industrial, institutional and professional cleaning and maintenance chemical products and product delivery systems marketed towards growth oriented, leading distributors who can maximize the value of added services and programs they offer.

Soap-Antiseptic Hand/Body Sani Suds 940

Cleaner Degreaser Hero Concentrated 772

Detergent Laundry-Allpurpose/Llp168

Cleaner Flatware Ultra Soak 773

Cleaner Stainless Steel Aerosol/A624

Sanitizer Quaternary Grade A

Cleaner Procon/Neutral Orange 2.5G

Detergent Plus Opti Pak

Cleaner Procon/Dgrsr/Floor Red

Rinse Lo-Temp 869/5Gal. Blue

Cleaner Fruit & Veg Wash 0400

Cleaner Grease Trap/Main Drain 712

Our Product Catalog is currently being updated. Check back soon to see our latest offerings.

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