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George A. Hormel founded his food company with a steadfast vision of "originate, don’t imitate". Today, this commitment to quality, value and innovation still lies at the heart of everything they do. It’s what drives them to deliver food products as delicious and satisfying as those first hams their founder offered over a century ago. To better serve the ever-changing tastes and convenience needs of modern lifestyles, they provide a variety of food products under brands including Farmer John, Lloyd's, Muscle Milk, Skippy, SPAM and La Victoria, as well as their own Hormel name.

Bacon Canadian Stick

Chicken Roasted Topping W/Rib Meat 20289

Chorizo Patty Ckd

Pepperoni Leoni Stick

Pepperoni Sliced 16Ct

Sausage Topping Pork Italian 39211

Chicken Thigh Bnls 2 Pc Fire Braised

Ham Cure 81 Small

Bacon Canadian Smoked Sliced

Bacon Fast N Easy Fully Cooked 03729

Bacon Half Slices Cooked 2/288 Slices

Sausage Thuringer Old Smokehouse

Our Product Catalog is currently being updated. Check back soon to see our latest offerings.

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