Fiore Di Pasta

Fiore Di Pasta

More than 35 years have passed since Fiore Di Pasta, Inc. founders, Panfilo and Benedetta Primavera mastered the art of making pasta in their native lands of Abruzzo, Italy. Today, from Fiore Di Pasta's headquarters in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, the Primaveras use the freshest ingredients available to produce superior quality specialty pastas, sauces, entrees and organic foods to meet the growing needs of today's restaurateur in search of products that are convenient to prepare and are exquisite to taste!

Tortellini Tri Color Cheese Pc

Pasta Fettuccine Nests 1.125Oz

Tortelloni Beef And Cheese Pc4

Manicotti 7010

Pasta Lasagna Sheets Par Ckd I

Agnolotti Wild Mushroom Pc3900

Ravioli Veal W/Ham & Mort Pc1

Tortelloni Cheese Pc4023

Ravioli Beef Sm Square Pc1150

Ravioli Chicken Rosemary & Gar

Pasta Pappardelle Nests Pc8004

Sauce Alfredo Fdp10000