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Durable Packaging International

Durable Packaging International

Durable Packaging International manufactures several lines of aluminum foil products including bakeware, roasters, serving trays, outdoor cookware, roll foil and sheets, and much more – all made with the finest aluminum available. Their wide range of capabilities include private-labeling, logo embossed plastic lids, and creating special case packs to accommodate the needs of their large volume customers.

Foil 12"X1000'stand 51210

Container Clear 5" Hinge

Lid 1 1/2 Foil Board

Pan Full Shallow Alum. Steamtable

Container 8"X4" Med Clear Hoagie Hinged

Wrap Foil Hot 14" X 16"

Pan 1 1/2 Alum Oblong 7X5X2 Closeable

Lid 7" Foil Board Round

Pan Half Steam Table 12X10X 2 3/16

Lid 9" Foil Board Round

Lid Alum Full Steam Table

Lid Alum Half Steam Table

Our Product Catalog is currently being updated. Check back soon to see our latest offerings.

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