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On this page you'll find videos with step-by-step instructions to help you learn the various aspects of our mobile app. Written documentation of these steps is also available here.

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Creating an Order

This video will give viewers the first glimpse of our new Saladino's Mobile Application. This video will walk viewers through the ordering process from start to finish. If you are among those that have been waiting for an easy-to-use mobile ordering solution, your wait is over! 

Dashboard & Menu Functionality

Our second mobile ordering video, Dashboard & Menu Functionality, will review the features within our mobile application and how they function. This video will give viewers an understanding of how our mobile application works which will help them get up-and-running in no time.

Multi-App Ordering

In this video, viewers are introduced to the capability of switching between our Online Ordering system and our Mobile Application. These systems run parallel with each other so you can easily begin an order in one and finish in the other without having to start over. You will also be able to view all orders that have been created within the two applications for easy order review at any time. 

Offline Mode

In this video, viewers are introduced to Offline Mode which is found in the mobile application settings. Viewers will be shown how to enable offline mode; as well as, how to create and submit an order while offline. Thanks to offline mode, avoiding areas without signal is a thing of the past.

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